Introducing Nicola Rochelle

Mental Health Coach

What my clients say about me

Nikki is an excellent coach. She is both highly professional and very warm and approachable. I could tell during my time with her that she genuinely cares about helping her clients get the best out of life using their unique strengths and skills. Her sessions feel highly tailored towards the person she is working with, drawing on an extensive background of knowledge and experience. She definitely helps you to identify your core values and then works with you to find ways to use these to find the right path for you. I felt more accepting of myself and more confident in my abilities after my time with her. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a way to work out how to change direction or just get that little bit more from life.


When I decided to go and see Nicola Rochelle, it wasn’t that my life was a mess. I really wasn’t even sure if it was a coach that I needed.

When you talk about a weight loss journey, you talk about reaching a plateau – and that was what I had hit in my everyday life. I wasn’t unhappy but I just kept feeling that there should be more.

During the first meeting with Nikki, I immediately felt comfortable and that I had landed just where I needed to be. We worked through what felt true to me and my values, and put in place some really achievable steps to move me out of my rut. I am now about to graduate from a course that I have been interested in for over 20 years. The sun is shining again.

Thanks Nikki


I have never considered a coach before, but from the moment I met Nikki she made me feel at ease. She has such a warm and engaging personality that our conversation flowed easily and she was able to provide some guidance around the key areas that I wanted to focus on within my life which also helped to identify the things that were holding me back.

Although our time was limited, I really felt that she listened. Nikki also provided some great tools to utilise after our session to assist with my thought process and ultimately assist me on my personal journey

I would highly recommend Nikki to anyone – she is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and live purpose filled lives.


What I say about myself

Through my own experience of both a personal and professional nature, I can offer you holistic coaching sessions.

My personal life has seen me grow up in England, spend time living and working in New York and emmigrating to New Zealand 3 years ago. As most, I have experienced times of happiness and times of hardship. But overall, my experience has taught me about the important aspects of life and the less important ones. I believe at times the less important aspects become the priority, leading to the more important aspects being overlooked. This can be overwhelming, create feelings of anxiety and act as obstacles to achieve happiness.

From a professional perspective, I have a degree in business and marketing and 5 years corporate experience in commercial research. After 5 years in this industry I found myself unfulfilled and unhappy. I then changed my life course and followed my true passion entering the world of mental health where I have now been working for over 2 years. I have a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology and am a trained Mindfulness Facilitator.

Nicola Rochelle

What I Offer You

Combining my practical knowledge of the corporate world, my understanding and continual studying of psychology and coaching (including coaching certification with the International Coaching Federation) and my own personal life experiences I can offer mental health coaching sessions to ensure all areas of your life have the best opportunity to provide you with fulfillment.


  • BSc Business Management and Marketing
  • GradDip Psychology
  • Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Accredited Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator
  • Certifed in Cognitive Behavioural Psychology
  • Masters in Psychology (Currently studying)