Mindfulness in the Workplace

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In this modern day, and in particular in the fast-paced corporate world, our attention is often required to be in multiple places at once. The demands are higher than ever and efficiencies are increasing.

Unproductivity and unhappiness among staff can lead to high turnovers, poor efficiency and a bad culture.

Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator Auckland

The role of Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness in the workplace can help:
  • Improve the wellbeing of individuals
  • Enhance the overall wellbeing and culture of the organisation
  • Individuals to learn how to deal with stress and difficult emotions
  • Build a more cohesive team working environment
  • Tap into the full potential of individuals and organisations

So how does Mindfulness work?

The neuroscience bit:
  • Relatively recently it was discovered that our brains are in fact plastic. Allowing lifelong adaptation and restructuring
  • Evidence has shown that the practice of Mindfulness allows for this restructuring to occur through the firing of new neurons in our brain
  • These new connections allow for improved attention, increased ability to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions and aiding in sleep and energy regeneration

Mindfulness is evidence-based and has roots in both religion and science, however it does not need to be complicated.

Ovio Mindfulness courses are nonreligious and are taught from a scientific basis. Your organisation will learn Mindfulness in a way that is jargon-free, relatable, down-to-earth and practical.

Finding the solution right for your organisation…

Option 1.

1.5 Hour Intensive Session
  • Introducing the basics of Mindfulness
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Teaching of 2 x Mindful Exercises
  • Max participants – 30

Option 2.

Half Day Workshop
  • Deep dive 3.5 Hour Workshop to cover off the essentials of Mindfulness
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Communication
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Teaching of 5 x Mindful Exercises
  • Personal Mindfulness Journal
  • Max participants – 15

Option 3.

One to one Mindfulness Coaching
  • Personalised face to face session with individuals
  • Dealing with issues of anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  • Tailored Mindfulness Exercises
  • Personal Mindfulness Journal
  • Best as an add on to either workshop
  • 50% off for those who have completed either of the above workshops

Get in touch if you wish to discuss mindfulness in the workplace or an alternative to the above options.