ovio mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness Course

The introduction to Ovio Mindfulness course provides you with the opportunity to learn a new skill, connect with other likeminded people and take an hour out of your day to relax and revitalise.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Research has shown that mindfulness has the potential to improve our wellbeing, our relationships and our ability to deal with emotions as well as helping to aid sleep and increase energy levels (to name a few!).

In this 3 week course, you will learn how to use powerful, yet simple mindfulness exercises to manage stress and emotional reactivity, connect with yourself, others and the community, and tap into your creativity.

With grounded everyday life examples, Ovio Mindfulness is evidence-based, practical and non-religious. It’s a fun and relaxed introduction to mindfulness and ongoing support is available.

What Is Covered:

Session 1: Intention and Motivation
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Secrets of the mind unveiled
  • The truth about multitasking
  • Mindful body scan exercise
Session 2: Calm and Clear Mind
  • Managing stress
  • Engaging fully in life
  • Dealing with difficult emotions
  • Mindful breathing exercise
Session 3: Relating to Others
  • Communication
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Mindfulness exercise
  • Integration and change

Upcoming Courses

Ovio Introduction to Mindfulness Course

  • Start: May 16th 2019
  • End: May 30th 2019
  • Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Location: The Greenhill Clinic, 253 Pakuranga Road
  • Duration: 3 x Thursday Evenings
  • Facilitator: Nicola Rochelle (Accredited Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator)
  • Cost: $125


  • 3x 1 hour Mindfulness Workshops
  • Ovio Mindfulness Journal
  • Lifetime access to Ovio Online (worth $125 alone!)